Autoclave Bags /Sterilization Paper Bags

The Autoclave Bags are produced from medical paper, and printed with sterilization
indicators, which will change colours obviously when after the sterilization cycle, is
finished, and are able to indicate if the sterilization process is enough and
distinguish the articles of sterilized and non-sterilized.

Ref No.Width/mmLength/mmRolls / carton
SP.SB05025050250Upon request
SP.SB09025090250Upon request
SP.SB110250110250Upon request
SP.SB140250140250Upon request
SP.SB150250150250Upon request
SP.SB160250160250Upon request
SP.SB180250180250Upon request
SP.SB190250190250Upon request
SP.SB190250190250Upon request
SP.SB300250300250Upon request
SP.SB250250250250Upon request
SP.SB300250300250Upon request


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