Steam Sterilization Indicator Tape
(Autoclave Tape)

The steam sterilization indicator tape is produced from sensitive chemical steam
sterilization indicating materials. The parallel indicating lines on the tape are able
to change colour from yellow to distinguish dark brown to indicate the completion
of sterilization process.
The tapes are designed to be easily peelable by hand with no adhesive residue on
the packaging materials. And the coating material is capable of being written on
with necessary tracking information.
The tapes are applicable in either gravity autoclaves or pre-vacuum steam sterilizers.

Special Notes:

  1. Items listed in above table are some conventional sizes, and they are only part of this
    product range. For any other sizes or non-conventional items, please contact us for availability.
  2. OEM orders are welcome

Size by inch/ydSize by mm/mQty / carton
0.5 in x 60 yd13 mm x 55 mUpon request
0.75 in x 60 yd19 mm x 55 mUpon request
1 in x 60 yd25 mm x 55 mUpon request
1.25 in x 60 yd32 mm x 55 mUpon request
1.5 in x 60 yd38 mm x 55 mUpon request
1.75 in x 60 yd44 mm x 55 mUpon request



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