Dental use self sealing sterilization pouch

The self-sealing pouch is made of transparent PET / PP high temperature composite film and medical dialysis paper. It does not need to be sealed with a professional sealing machine. It meets the requirements of ISO11607 and EN868-5, and is suitable for high temperature steam (STEAM) and ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization methods. Using water-based non-toxic ink, to meet the requirements of ISO11140-1 standard, color change after sterilization is accurate and clear. Suitable for hospital, dental clinics and cosmetic centre, CSSD ect.

Product Description

– Sterile and easy to tear, non-stick paper, no paper dust to achieve better results; 
– Three explosion-proof edges are used to prevent cracking;
– Provide color change instructions with clear and clear status;
– Through the transparent film, the contents can be clearly seen to prevent errors;
– Import high-grade medical paper to ensure high anti-bacteria; 
– Strengthen the membrane to prevent tearing when opening the bag; 
– Non-toxic water-based inks that are clear and stable and will not open.
Discoloration indication: The color change indication under steam turns from blue to black, and EO turns from pink to yellow.


Item NoInchSizes(mm)Packaging
HC-SSP-057100-012.25″ x 4″57mmx100mm200pcs/box50box/CTN
HC-SSP-057130-012.25″x 5.125″57mmx130mm50box/CTN
HC-SSP-070260-012.75” x 10”70mmx260mm10box/CTN
HC-SSP-083160-013.25” x 6.25”83mmx160mm10box/CTN
HC-SSP-090165-013.5” x 6.5”90mmx165mm10box/CTN
HC-SSP-090260-013.5” x 10”90mmx260mm10box/CTN
HC-SSP-090550-013.5” x 21.6”90mmx550mm10box/CTN
HC-SSP-135260-015.25” x 10”135mmx260mm10box/CTN
HC-SSP-135280-015.25” x 11”135mmx280mm10box/CTN
HC-SSP-135300-015.25” x 12”135mmx300mm10box/CTN
HC-SSP-135380-015.25” x 15”135mmx380mm10box/CTN
HC-SSP-155260-016” x 10”155mmx260mm10box/CTN
HC-SSP-190360-017.5” x 14”190mmx360mm5box/CTN
HC-SSP-200360-017.8” x 14”200mmx360mm5box/CTN
HC-SSP-230395-019” x 15.5”230mmx395mm5box/CTN
HC-SSP-300395-0111.8” x 15.5”300mmx395mm5box/CTN
HC-SSP-305430-0112” x 17”305mmx430mm5box/CTN



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