Sterilization Reels, flat, heat seal

The flat sterilization reels are constructed from medical sterilization paper and multilayer barrier films, and printed with double sterilization indicators for ethylene oxide and steam vapor processes. The indicators will change colours obviously when after the sterilization cycle is finished, and are able to indicate if the sterilization process is enough and distinguish the articles of sterilized and non-sterilized.

The reels are usually 100 meters or 200 meters per roll, however also they can be made in various lengths according to the necessity of users.

WidthLengthRolls / carton
50 mm200 m12
55mm200 m12
75mm200 m8
100mm200 m6
150mm200 m4
200mm200 m4
250mm200 m2
300mm200 m2



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