Product Detail:

This indicator strip is placed inside the package or container to monitor some or all of the parameters of hydrogen peroxide low temperature plasma sterilization process. Classes 4 of chemical indicator in accordance with ISO 11140-1 The color turns from red to yellow, and the process is obvious. Instant, accurate and convenient. 

Special Notes:

  1. Items listed in above table are some conventional sizes, and they are only part of this
    product range. For any other sizes or non-conventional items, please contact us for availability.
  2. OEM orders are welcome

Size by inch/ydSize by mm/mQty / carton
0.5 in x 60 yd13 mm x 55 mUpon request
0.75 in x 60 yd19 mm x 55 mUpon request
1 in x 60 yd25 mm x 55 mUpon request
1.25 in x 60 yd32 mm x 55 mUpon request
1.5 in x 60 yd38 mm x 55 mUpon request
1.75 in x 60 yd44 mm x 55 mUpon request



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