Sterilization Pouches, flat, self seal

Hospital, Dental clinic and laboratory’s sterilization , medical device factory, nail&beauty supply, piercing tattoo supply and family high-temperature etc.


1. Adopt special double-sided tape to adhesive seal quickly and effectively without professional equipment.

2. Adopt three side explosion-proof technology to prevent burst effectively.

3. With sterilization change-color instructions to show sterilization conditions clearly .

4. See interior items clearly through transparent film..

5. ISO11607 and EN 868,CE Mark is labeled on the transport cartons .

Item NoInchSizes(mm)Packaging
SP.SS0571002.25″ x 4″57mmx100mm200pcs/box50box/CTN
SP.SS0571302.25″x 5.125″57mmx130mm50box/CTN
SP.SS0702602.75” x 10”70mmx260mm10box/CTN
SP.SS0831603.25” x 6.25”83mmx160mm10box/CTN
SP.SS0901653.5” x 6.5”90mmx165mm10box/CTN
SP.SS0902603.5” x 10”90mmx260mm10box/CTN
SP.SS0905503.5” x 21.6”90mmx550mm10box/CTN



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