• Intended usages and conditions
    The machines are used for sealing either the paper/film or paper/paper sterilization pouches and reels in hospitals, clinics, beauty salons and conditions where the instruments need to be sterilized before using.
    The machine offers a constant sealing, with sharp cutting after the heat sealing.
  • Input power and conditions
    Input power: AC 110V or 220V±10%, 50Hz, 800W
    * Please operate the machine in dry and clean conditions and avoid direct sunlight and oils.
  • Operation procedures
    3.1 Open the carton and check verify the intactness of the parts according to the list of components / parts.
    3.2 Connect the power appropriately;
    3.3 Install the pouch or the roll onto the machine and fit the open end of the pouch or reel through the cutting edge.
    3.4 Power on the machine and adjust sealing temperature controller (standard temp 180°C), and the preheating lights will signals on. After the preheating lights signals off, the machine is ready for working.
    * Usually this procedure will take about 180 seconds.
    3.5 Channel the paper through the sealing area, pull it inwards the operator’s chest and press down the handle to seal the open edge. The heating will accomplish in about 5 seconds after the heating indicator lights off. Thereafter, push the knife handle softly to cut off the sealed ends.
    * While if the temperature gets lower than the working temperature, the heating indicator will lights on automatically to re-heat the machine. The user shall not operate the machine until the indicator lights off.
    * Do not open the protective shielding thus to avoid harms from sharp knives and heating pipes.
  • Packaging
    The machine is packed in a cardboard box and without any solid wooden materials.
    Box size: 600×376×230 mm
    Box weight: 12.0 kilograms
  • Features
    Maximum fitting width of the pouch or reel : 500 mm
    Width of the Sealing : 10 mm
  • Storage conditions
    Storage temperature : -40°C ~ 55°C
    Storage humidity : ≤ 90%(R.H)
    * Please store the machine in dry and clean conditions and avoid direct sunlight and oils.
  • Emergency contact:
    Manufacturer: Shield Sterilisation and Packaging Co Ltd
    Add: No. Weier Road, Shipai Industrial Zone, Anqing, Anhui CHINA 246100
    Tel: 0086 551 65427255
    Fax: 0086 551 65427233
    Emergency Telephone No.: 0086 551 64682421


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