Sterilization bag testing

Sterilization bags are bags used for packaging medical devices after sterilization, and need to comply with

relevant testing standards and specifications to ensure their quality and safety.

Medical sterilization bags are made of multi-layer non-woven fabrics, usually polyethylene (PE) or nylon

(PA). They protect the equipment from contamination by the external environment and ensure that all

items are sterile before reuse.

Compared with ordinary medical packaging materials, one side of the sterilization bag is made of medical

high-temperature dialysis paper and the other side is made of transparent composite film. Through the

transparent composite film, the items in the sterilization belt can be directly observed, which greatly

increases the accuracy and efficiency of hospital medical device distribution.

Sterilization bag testing items

General indicators: size, appearance, pre-sealed edge peeling strength, pre-sealed edge integrity, insoluble particles;

Biological properties: initial contamination bacteria, biocompatibility;

Performance: seal peeling strength, seal integrity, antibacterial ability;

Principle of sterilization bags

Medical sterilization bags are mainly used to seal sterilized devices to prevent re-contamination caused

by external air entering again. The basic principle is to use physical or chemical methods to make the

sterilization equipment sterile.

  1. Physical sterilization principle: through the action of high temperature or pressure, the water in the microorganism is completely or partially vaporized to destroy its growth function and lose its reproductive ability to achieve the purpose of sterilization.
  2. Chemical sterilization principle: using chemicals or other auxiliary materials to immerse, spray or apply on the items to be sterilized, and then after certain treatment conditions, the protein of the microorganism is coagulated and denatured to achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization.


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