Advance International Corp (the AIC) is located in Hefei, which is the capital of Anhui Province and well known for its scientific research, technology development and advanced education. AIC is in the west of Yangtze River Delta Zone with plenty of world class manufacturing industries; and it takes merely 3 hours train ride to reach the famous port ——Shanghai.

With 7 holding subsidiaries including a design institute, AIC mainly concentrates its production and services on Pressure Vessels and Containers (Class I, II, III), Chemical Producing Machineries and Facilities, Packaging and Printing Machines and Lines, Non-patented Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Rubber and Plastic Disposables, Medical Devices of Class I, Building Materials, Customized Circuit Board, Food and Native Products, Home Commodities, Clothing, Industrial Project Design, and Contract Projects of Abroad Construction (ex. steamship sailor services).

AIC has taken the external industry development opportunities to implement its grand strategic planning and transforming in recent years. AIC has evolved in steps from a traditional import and export company to a modernized group of industrial enterprises, which are integrated with precision machined manufacturing, experienced global distribution system as well as profound R&D in chemical & pharmaceutical industry, innovated building materials, working protection, healthcare equipments and foodstuffs etc.

As a group of global-oriented modern enterprises, AIC never slows downits pace to become a worldwide top supplier of comprehensive products.

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