Selection and use skills of sterilization bags

① The surface should be flawless and uniform in color. There should be no foreign matter, perforations,

heat-sealed edges, odor, adhesion, or heat-sealing parts. The heat-sealed parts should be smooth, free of

false seals, and free of breaks.

② Select a sterilization bag of appropriate size based on the size of the items to be sterilized.

③ The items to be packed should be easy to load and should not be tight. There should be loose space around them.

④ After the items to be packaged are loaded, the size of the bottom paper of the sterilization bag and

the membrane surface should be no less than 2 inches to facilitate a firm seal.

Sterilization bag usage steps

① Before using the sterilization bag, the sealing of each final packaged sterilization bag needs to be checked.

② Before loading the sterilization items, a sealing machine should be used to seal the opening on the

surface of the sterilization bag. Information such as the name, code, batch number, etc. of the sterilization

items should be labeled or printed on the surface of the sterilization bag for easy identification and

identification. Trace the source.

③ If the item to be installed is sharp, the sharp end should be placed in the opposite direction to the

unsealed end to ensure the safety of the user during the peeling process.

④ It is recommended to place the sterilization bag on a fixed/grid (a certain inclination is recommended).

⑤ Sterilization bags are prohibited from stacking, folding, or stacking (if stacking is required, the stacking quantity must be verified).

⑥ There needs to be a gap between sterilization bags (50mm recommended).

⑦ The sterilization bag should be loaded with loose items.

⑧ When loading items, be careful and gentle to prevent the sterilization bag or sealing area from being broken or punctured.

⑨ The pressure difference between vacuuming and sterilization is moderate.

⑩ All instruments entering the sterile area should be opened, distributed and transferred according to sterile procedures to maintain sterility.

Product usage precautions

① The sealing of the sterilization bag should be checked before use.

② According to the size of the sterilized items, choose a sterilization bag of appropriate size. There

should be loose space around it and it should not be too tight, otherwise there is a risk of bursting during

repeated vacuuming.

③ The name, code, batch number and other information of the sterilization items should be labeled or

printed on the blank space on the surface of the sterilization bag to facilitate identification and


④ Recommendations for using the pulsating vacuum sterilization cabinet.



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