For packaging before disinfection.


Constant temperature, short sealing time, fast seal edge, sharp paper knife, firm structure and it is really a durable appliance.


(Outside) 600×376×230(mm)


Sealing Capacity: Effective Sealing Length 500mm Sealing Width: 8mm-10mm

Storage Environment:



Working Environment:



1. Power and the shell should be connect with the earth reliable

2. Do not touch any part of machine under the cover when the machine working to avoid the scald

Packing List:

1. Sealing Machine

3. User Manual

Operation process

1 .Open the carton and check the parts of the appliance:

2. Plug on the power supply, install the pole and fit on the paper ford is infection.

3.0pen the power supply and the indicator lights, adjust  sealing temperature controller at the back of the machine(Usuallyat180°C)the preheating lights on, and when the preheating lights off means the warm up finished, the sealing can be done.

4. Put the paper through the sealing area, pull the lever to the operator’s chest and the heating indicator lights. The heating indicator turn off after several seconds, then sealing is over. Press the paper knife and cut break the paper, then push the lever to the front, and you can do another operation after several seconds.

5. When the temperature is lower than the set temperature in the continuous packaging process, the heating indicator lights up again. At this time, the operator shall suspend the packaging work and continue the packaging work after the indicator light goes out.


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