How to choose the appropriate paper plastic bag packaging

In order to ensure the sterilization quality of instruments, provide sterile assurance for clinical practice, and meet clinical treatment and nursing needs, the packaging materials of the disinfection supply center are gradually updated and replaced. Gradually abandon cotton fabric and switch to safer and more efficient materials, such as paper plastic packaging bags.

Paper plastic packaging is made of transparent plastic on one side and paper on the other, making the contents of the package clear and easy to identify. Moreover, the paper plastic bag packaging equipment has a small volume, which is convenient for storage and transportation, avoiding the waste of manpower, material resources, and resources required for repeated sterilization in the disinfection supply center.

Rao has many advantages, and small problems are inevitable during use. Identifying the root cause and taking targeted medication is the fundamental solution. Have you ever encountered any of the following problems or troubles in your department? Let’s take a look together.

Sterilized paper plastic packaging materials

What should I do if the seal cracks?

Scenario A:

The items inside the bag are too heavy or too large, resulting in high pressure at the sealing point and rupture during the vacuum pumping stage.


The models of paper plastic bags include 5.0cm, 15.0cm, 30.0cm, etc. Choose the appropriate model based on the size of the contents. Being too small can cause rupture, while being too small can lead to unstable equipment inside the bag, posing a risk of puncturing the paper plastic bag. It is best to leave a distance of approximately 2.5cm between the instrument and the sealing edge.

Note that only one instrument can be placed in a paper plastic bag.

Scenario B:

When sealing or hot sealing paper plastic bags, the temperature is too low, resulting in insufficient fusion between the plastic and paper surfaces of the packaging material.


The sealing machine and paper plastic bag materials must be compatible to avoid poor sealing adhesion. Strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions, follow appropriate temperature, pressure, and contact time. The sealing machine needs to be tested before daily use to ensure normal operation.


Scenario C:

Placing the sterilizer too tightly resulted in excessive pressure inside the paper plastic bag during the vacuum stage, causing it to burst.


During the pulsating vacuum and drying stages, the paper plastic bag inevitably moves. The safest method is to place the packaging on the side of the paper plastic bag rack or tray, separated by appropriate distance, to ensure that it is placed at intervals in the sterilizer for easy steam penetration.


What should be noted when using double-layer paper plastic bags for packaging?

When using a large bag to cover a small bag, it is important to ensure that both bags are flat and not folded, otherwise it may interfere with the removal of air and the penetration of sterilization media. When bagging, paper to paper, plastic to plastic, and during sterilization, the gap between the bags is 2-3cm. And it is recommended to do biological monitoring when double-layer packaging, as mentioned in WS310.3-2009 that “biological monitoring should be carried out when using new packaging materials and methods for sterilization.”.


Common reasons for paper plastic bags being punctured

When sharp objects such as blades and scissors are placed in paper plastic bags, it is easy to puncture the paper plastic packaging during sealing or movement. So on the one hand, it is necessary to use protective sleeves correctly to protect the tip of the equipment; On the other hand, when taking it, be careful not to pick it up, pick it up slowly, and handle it gently.



In addition, there is a risk of paper scraps when paper plastic bags are torn open, which requires manufacturers to consider the common use of paper plastic bags and implement anti paper scraps design at the sealing point during the design and manufacturing process.

The strong bacterial resistance and small size of paper plastic bags make them irreplaceable. Various problems encountered during use still require timely communication and feedback, and we need to solve one problem after another through continuous exploration.



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