Is there a big emphasis on packaging oral instruments? I don’t know how to look here!

What are the packaging requirements for oral instruments after disinfection or sterilization?

Low – and moderately dangerous oral instruments may not be packaged, and after disinfection or sterilization, they can be directly stored in a spare cleaning container. Dental small instruments should be packaged in dental instrument boxes.

Requirements for disinfection or packaging of instruments after sterilization: There should be sterilization chemical indicators outside the package, and the item name, packager, sterilizer number, sterilization batch, sterilization date, and expiration date should be marked. If there is only one sterilizer, the sterilizer number may not be marked.

There should be chemical indicators inside and outside the surgical package for oral clinics. When packaging with paper plastic bags, the sealing should be complete, with a sealing width of>6 mm, and the distance between the equipment inside the bag and the sealing point of the packaging bag should be>2.5 cm. The paper bag packaging should be fully sealed.

Do operators of small pressure steam sterilizers used in dentistry need a pressure vessel training certificate?

What are the requirements for monitoring after disinfection or sterilization?

Damp heat disinfection

Temperature and time should be monitored and recorded each time.

Chemical disinfection

The concentration and disinfection time of chemical disinfectants should be regularly monitored based on the type of disinfectant, and recorded.
Each sterilization cycle of small pressure sterilizers should monitor physical parameters and chemical monitoring, and record monitoring results. Chemical monitoring should place chemical indicators inside commonly used and representative sterilization bags or boxes, and in the most difficult sterilization areas of the sterilizer.

Solid instruments with exposed sterilization can be monitored by placing chemical indicators inside the package next to the instrument. Cavity instruments can be monitored using chemical PCD, and sterilizers in use should undergo monthly biological monitoring. The biological package should be placed in the most difficult to sterilize area of the sterilizer, and the sterilizer should be in a fully loaded state. Physical monitoring, chemical monitoring, and biological monitoring should be conducted simultaneously after every 12 months of use or maintenance.



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