New Medical Package Offers Alternative to PETG/Tyvek

One of the most popular package combinations for medical devices is the Tyvek-lidded polyethylene terephthalate gly (PETG) tray. It’s been hard to replace because it performs so well, but economics and sustainability performance have been lacking.

TekniPlex Healthcare showed two products at the recent MD&M West show (co-located with WestPack) that, together, present a new alternative. (They are sold separately.)

1. New HPC series of lower-weight reinforced coated papers for protection of various products, from gauzes and bandages to catheters and medical devices. The material withstands ethylene oxide (EO) and radiation sterilization. It seals to PETG, as well as other tray materials, such as …

2. TekniMD PX thermoformable co-polyester material for trays offers high performance and several sustainability benefits. Thermoforming lines can run a little cooler, which saves energy. Or tray manufacturers can run it at a similar temperature but gain speedier output. The material, which can be recycled with No.1 plastics, withstands EO, electron beam (E-beam) radiation, and gamma radiation sterilization methods. It also complies with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Union food contact regulations, and meets appropriate industry standards. Sourcing advantages exist, too. Lead times run about 6-8 weeks for TekniMD PX vs. extended lead times for PETG.

I sat down with Melissa Green, Head of Global Marketing for TekniPlex Healthcare, during the show to learn a bit more about these medical device products. Watch the video above to hear the interview.



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