Do you know about paper-plastic packaging?

What is a paper-plastic packaging bag?

Paper-plastic packaging bags are generally composed of two sides, one side is paper that can pass

through and discharge sterilization factors, and the other side is a transparent composite film (plastic film)

that cannot penetrate liquids, air and gases. The exchange of air disinfection factors is carried out on one

side of the paper. Due to the material, it also has a good microbial barrier function, and the plastic film

side is visible to the items in the bag, making the packaged items clear at a glance and having good anti-


What kind of instruments need to be packaged in paper-plastic bags?

Instruments used alone and lighter in weight are generally packaged in paper-plastic bags. Paper-plastic

bag packaging is conducive to intuitively observing the color change of the indicator card, and is also

conducive to visually viewing the style and model of the instrument with the naked eye, so that surgical

personnel can easily and quickly take the instrument for use.

What are the requirements for paper-plastic bag packaging?

1.Sealed packaging usually adopts the heat sealing method. Choose packaging materials of appropriate

size for plastic sealing, the sealing width of the seal should be ≥6mm; the distance between the

instrument in the bag and the seal of the bag should be ≥2.5cm. If the item is too close to the seal, the

seal may break during the sterilization process, and if the bag is too large, the items in it may move and

cause the bag to break.

2.Check the cleanliness and dryness of the packaged items during packaging. During high-pressure steam

sterilization, the instrument is not completely cleaned and dried, and the residual oil and moisture are

easy to soak the paper surface and cause wet packing. Protect the sharp instrument parts, such as sharp

scissors, etc., and use instrument protective covers or silicone tubes to prevent puncturing the paper-

plastic packaging, resulting in sterilization failure.

How to ensure the quality of paper-plastic sealing and the airtightness of packaging?

When sealing paper-plastic packaging, the appropriate temperature (low temperature 120℃ or high

temperature 180℃) should be selected according to the paper-plastic packaging bags of different

materials. If the instrument needs to be sterilized by high-pressure steam, choose a temperature of 180℃

for sealing. If the temperature is too high, the paper-plastic will melt easily, and if the temperature is too

low, the seal will be loose. In addition, the sealing width of the bag should be

≥6mm to ensure the airtightness of the seal and prevent the seal from bursting during sterilization and




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