Read this article to understand the things about medical sterilization bags

Medical sterilization bags, as the name suggests, are sterilization packaging pouches used in the medical field.

They can use STEAM steam or ETO ethylene oxide to sterilize the medical instruments and items inside the sterilization bag,

and at the same time, the items inside can be sterilized.

Protect and maintain the sterile environment inside it for a certain period of time (180 days) after sterilization.

Medical sterilization bags are composed of medical dialysis paper and transparent composite film.

Medical dialysis paper allows steam and ETO to pass through, thereby achieving the purpose of sterilizing the medical instruments and items inside it.

The transparent composite film is an airtight transparent window that makes the contents of the bag clear at a glance and facilitates effective management.

Medical dialysis paper is printed with information such as STEAM steam sterilization and ETO ethylene oxide sterilization discoloration instructions.

Medical sterilization pouch have a wide range of applications and are available in a variety of specifications to meet the packaging needs of various medical devices and items. They are cost-effective and consumables.

Shield medical sterilization bag features

Safe and effective: Medical sterilization pouch are made of medical dialysis paper and transparent composite film,

which can act as a barrier to protect microorganisms, bacteria and dust, ensuring safe storage after sterilization.

At the same time, the storage time can be up to 180 days, improving work efficiency. Save labor and material costs.

Easy to manage: classify and package in sets or implement one item for one package to reduce cross-infection. The transparent window makes the contents of the bag clear at a glance and facilitates effective management.

Easy to use: color-changing indicator mark can clearly judge whether sterilization is successful or not. Individually packaged and ready to use, more convenient. to

Anti-water vapor and anti-breakage: Excellent medical dialysis paper has good water vapor resistance and can withstand dripping tests within multiple seconds. The paper surface and film surface have high strength and toughness at the same time, and can withstand a certain amount of puncture force from sharp instruments.

Packaging shape: Different width and length specifications can be made, ranging from small burs to large equipment boxes.

Multiple sterilization methods: Medical sterilization pouch can be used for two sterilization methods: high-pressure steam and ethylene oxide, which can be used flexibly.



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