Full speed forward: simplifying the complete packaging supply chain

Full speed forward: simplifying the complete packaging supply chain

For any given medical packaging, there are multiple components that need to be sourced once the product is ready for packaging. Trays, inserts, lids, clamshells and bags are commonly used to package medical devices. In many cases, these components come from various manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors.

Additionally, the diversity of medical products, from temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals to precision medical devices, increases supply chain complexity. The problem is compounded by the need for specialist packaging solutions, with many products requiring a bespoke approach to ensuring safety.

Various regulatory agencies are then placed on top of this supply chain, creating a complex web that often results in bottlenecks, delays and increased costs.

For in-house teams, who often manage multiple projects simultaneously, coordinating the logistics of these many moving parts can be time-consuming. With multiple touchpoints throughout the supply chain, a delay at one point can cause delays throughout the process.

Turn challenges into opportunities
Current challenges facing the medical packaging supply chain provide opportunities for innovation and optimization. Here are some key areas companies can focus on to streamline operations:



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