The manufacturing process flow of sterilization packaging bags is as follows :

1.Dialysis blank paper is printed on imported dialysis paper or high-quality Chinese dialysis paper according to the user’s requirements and the user’s layout requirements.
2.Using high-quality film raw materials, we use self-developed fourth-generation composite paper and film to slit printing paper and film with a slitting machine.
3.In the 100,000-level clean workshop, a bag making machine is used to make composite bags from dialysis paper and composite membrane at a temperature of 130°C~200°C and 60m~100/min.

4.Use microwave to heat medical sterilization packaging bags and medical sterilization packaging bags to make the edge sealing strong and uniform.
5.Imported dialysis paper and composite membrane are used to avoid explosion problems during use and disinfection, and the edges are transparent.


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