Sterilization bag

Sterilization bags: Solve your doubts

In the medical industry, medical sterilization bags are very important sterilization materials used to package and sterilize medical instruments and consumables to ensure that they are in a sterile state before use. However, many beginners have some common doubts about the use of sterilization bags.

Doubt 1: How to judge whether the medical sterilization bag is qualified?

Qualified sterilization bags should have the characteristics of intact packaging appearance, clear logo and batch number, high-quality materials, and good sealing performance. In addition, sterilization bags also need to comply with relevant national standards and verify their sterility through biological testing.

Question 2: How to use sterilization bags correctly?

Before using the sterilization bag, first check whether the packaging is intact and make sure it is not damaged or not tightly sealed. When loading equipment or consumables, avoid overloading and maintain a certain amount of space. Use a sealing machine or self-adhesive strip to seal and make sure the seal is complete and secure. Finally, sterilize according to the corresponding sterilization procedure.

Question 3: How long is the validity period of the sterilization bag?

The validity period of sterilization bags is generally two years. Within the validity period, as long as the packaging is intact and meets the requirements for use of sterilization bags, it can be used normally. Sterilization bags that have expired should not be used because they cannot guarantee the sterilization effect.

Question 4: Can sterilization bags be reused?

Generally speaking, medical sterilization bags are designed for single use and reuse is not recommended. Because the material and sealing performance of the sterilization bag will degrade to a certain extent after use, it may affect the sterilization effect.

Question 5: How to store sterilization bags correctly?

Sterilization bags should be stored in a dry, ventilated, dust-free and light-proof environment, away from toxic and harmful substances. Avoid sunlight exposure and high heat so as not to affect the quality and effect of the sterilization bag.

The above are some common answers to questions about the use of sterilization bags. How to use medical sterilization bags correctly to ensure a sterile environment and patient safety during the medical process. Shield medical packaging can provide customers with diversified material selection and size customization services to meet different product needs and provide complete medical packaging solutions.



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