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The Qingming Festival

The Qingming Festival (alias: Tomb-Sweeping Day) the most important sacrifice ancestor festival in China. The festival time is around April 5th.

Since ancient times, the Chinese people have paid respect to the ancestors and chased the far away, so they gradually formed the

tradition of the Spring Festival in the Qingming season.

Every year,many places will hold a variety of commemorative activities in different forms to remember the

revolutionary ancestors and commemorate fighting heroes.

There are customs such as the outings and grave sweeping ancestors.

Festival Source

The Qingming Festival is the most solemn ancestor worship of the Chinese nation. It belongs to a cultural traditional festival that is a ancestor and a prudent ancestor.

It condenses the national spirit, inherits the sacrifice culture of Chinese civilization, and expresses the moral

feelings of people respecting their ancestors and respects.

The grave sweeping is the “tomb festival”, which is called the “respect” of the ancestors.

Qingming Festival has a long history and is derived from ancestors of ancestors and ceremony of the Spring Festival.

According to the research results of modern anthropology and archeology, the two most primitive beliefs of human beings are the

beliefs of heaven and earth, and the other is the ancestral belief.

According to archeological excavations, the Guangdong Yingdeqingtang site found the tombs of 10,000 years ago. It was the earliest confirmation of burial tombs in China. The “tomb festival” etiquette has a long history of history.

The Qingming “Tomb Festival” is the synthesis and sublimation of the traditional spring season.

The formulation of the ancient tributary calendar provides previous conditions for the formation of festivals.

The ancestral belief and sacrifice culture are an important factor for the formation of the ceremony and customs of the ancestors of


Qingming is rich in customs, and it is summarized to be two major traditions of festivals: one is to respect the ancestors

chase the distance with caution;

the other is to travel in the countryside and get close to nature. The Festival not only has the theme of sacrifice, remembering, and thinking,

but also the theme of traveling in an outing and happy body and mind.

After the history of history, It merged the customs of the Cold Food and the Shangjie during the

Tang and Song dynasties.



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