The role of paper plastic bag packaging in disinfection supply centers

Packaging is a very important part of the disinfection supply center, which includes cotton fabric

packaging, non-woven fabric packaging, and paper plastic packaging. Among them, paper plastic

packaging plays a crucial role.

What are the indications for paper plastic bag packaging in the disinfection supply center?

Individually used instruments, lightweight instruments are generally packaged in paper plastic bags.

The advantage of paper plastic bag packaging is that it is conducive to visually observing the

discoloration of indicator cards, as well as visually viewing the style and model of instruments, making it

convenient for surgical personnel to quickly and conveniently retrieve instruments for use.

What are the requirements for paper plastic bag packaging?

(1) Sealed packaging usually uses the method of heat sealing. The sealing width at the sealing point is ≥ 6mm;

The distance between the sealing point and the edge tearing point of the paper plastic bag should be ≥ 1cm, which meets the requirements and can facilitate the user to tear open the packaging.

(2) Choose packaging materials with appropriate sizes for plastic sealing. The distance between the instruments inside the package and the sealing point of the packaging bag should be ≥ 2.5cm.

If the items are too close to the sealing point, the sealing point may break during the sterilization process. If the packaging bag is too large, it may cause the items inside to move and cause the packaging to break.

(3) When loading items packaged in paper plastic bags, the opening orientation must be consistent to facilitate the penetration of sterilization media.

How to ensure the sealing of paper plastic bag packaging?

When sealing paper plastic packaging, the appropriate temperature should be selected based on the

paper plastic packaging bags made of different materials. If high-pressure steam sterilization is required

for instruments, a temperature of 180 ℃ is selected for sealing, and a temperature of 120 ℃ is selected

for low-temperature plasma sterilization for sealing. If the temperature is too high, it is easy for the paper

and plastic to melt, and if the temperature is too low, it will make the sealing not tight.

Regardless of the packaging method used in the disinfection supply center, the most important principle

is to maintain airtightness. Only by ensuring the integrity of the packaging can effective and qualified

sterilization effects be guaranteed!



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