The difference between disinfection and sterilization

In modern disinfection concepts,

Disinfection bags cannot be confused with sterilization.

Disinfection only requires the removal and killing of pathogenic microorganisms,

Reduce its quantity to no longer cause illness in humans;

Sterilization not only requires the removal and killing of pathogenic microorganisms, but also,

It is also necessary to eliminate and kill all microorganisms,

Including spores.

The processing methods used by the two are different,

Compared to disinfection, sterilization requires higher requirements and is more difficult to handle.

Disinfect a product,

It is necessary to remove all microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses,

Disinfection is just an incomplete way to kill some

Microbial surface program. Sometimes, cleaning a product

Is enough to complete the task at hand,

But sometimes stricter methods are needed.

Medical sterilization methods

Medical institutions, hospitals, clinics

Research institutions, pharmacies, dental clinics

And other health-related service organizations

Using sterilization operations to ensure that the equipment and instruments do not

Contaminated by harmful substances.


Using high-pressure steam sterilization to sterilize items

Maintain for 15-20 minutes above 120 ℃,

It is a common practice,

In certain situations

Using higher temperatures and shorter times,

But the principle is the same.


Chemical sterilization

And dry heat sterilization

It is also a medical sterilization method,

But these methods are not applicable to certain products.

Medical disinfection bag


Disinfection bags are used to package individual items before,

Handle steam or chemicals.

The material of the packaging bag must match the one used

Suitable sterilization methods.

Medical packaging manufacturers use plastic and paper

And other materials to allow steam to penetrate the packaging

Provide appropriate levels of sterility.


Most medical institutions strictly adhere to

Protocol for the steps of disinfection equipment.

Items need to be cleared of any sediment first

And harmful substances,

Then it must be thoroughly rinsed off,

Then use disinfectant bags to wrap or pack these instruments, and “roll bags” can also be purchased from certain manufacturers.


Typically, high-pressure sterilized items include syringes

Catheters, reusable instruments, and gauze dressings.

Even disposable items require

Ensure packaging to ensure

Integrity of cleanliness and hygiene.


Disinfection bags are also known as “peelable bags”,

Because they are made of transparent plastic,

It can be easily peeled off from the back of the plastic paper. The high-pressure vessel procedure must be followed,

To ensure that each item has been properly disinfected.

Bags cannot be stacked or overloaded to enter the sterilization equipment.



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