Further discussion on medical sterilization packaging bags

Further discussion on medical sterilization packaging bags

Medical paper plastic bags, also known as medical sterilization packaging bags or medical disinfection

tube bags in the industry, have many different names for this newly emerged product in recent years.

Let’s temporarily use medical sterilization packaging bags here. So far, as most people, they do not know

what kind of packaging medical paper plastic bags are. The following mainly explains the meaning of

medical paper plastic packaging from a functional perspective. YIPAK hopes to provide a complete

definition of medical paper plastic bags in the industry here.

Medical sterilization packaging bag is a type of packaging used for factory medical devices, hospital

disinfection centers CSSD, supply rooms, operating rooms, and dentistry departments to sterilize and

store sterilized medical devices after sterilization. It is a new, effective, and safer medical device

sterilization packaging product.

Composition of medical sterilization packaging bags:

Simply put, it is made of paper and film through high-temperature hot sealing, which is different from

ordinary plastic packaging; The paper used is medical dialysis paper, which can analyze ethylene oxide

and is a medical grade paper that is easy to dialyze. After sterilization, when opened, it can achieve clean,

no paper scraps falling off, and clean peeling. The membrane of the sterilization bag uses a medical grade

composite membrane. On the outside of the paper, there is usually printing, simple design and printing

of medical colors. Generally, two colors of color change indicator information will be printed. Generally,

there are steam sterilization indicators (Steam), ethylene oxide (ETO), and formalin (FM)

Product characteristics of medical disinfection bags:

  1. Excellent safety; Compared with ordinary sterilization materials, medical sterilization bags have excellent sterilization safety and excellent dialysis and post sterilization antibacterial functions. The paper surface of sterilization bags is generally less than 35 micrometers, which is the best physical barrier for microorganisms and spores. After sterilization, they can be stored for a long time, reducing the efficiency of hospital disinfection centers and various departments, as well as labor and material costs.
  2. Easy to manage: There are color changing indicators on the sterilization bag, which can clearly distinguish the sterilization situation. Compared with ordinary medical wrinkled paper and non-woven fabric wrapping, the visibility of the medical film greatly increases the efficiency of hospitals assigning medical devices.
  3. It has waterproof and tear resistance properties; The sterilization bag is made of medical dialysis grade paper, which has good water vapor resistance and can withstand a dripping test of 8-10 seconds. Paper and film surfaces have high strength and toughness, and can withstand certain piercing forces from sharp instruments.
  4. Product shape: There are double-sided adhesive style self sealing medical disinfection bags and roll shaped medical disinfection tube bags sealed by a sealing machine.

How to use medical paper plastic sterilization and disinfection packaging bags

  1. Put clean and dry medical equipment and items into a sterilization bag.
  2. Remove the double-sided adhesive strip from the opening tongue and seal the bag opening (self sealing bag); Or use a hot press sealing machine to seal the bag opening (rolled tube bag).
  3. Place sterilization bags and medical devices within the specified period in pressure STEAM steam sterilization equipment or ETO ethylene oxide sterilization equipment, and sterilize them according to conventional methods.
  4. Mark the sterilization time, content, and purpose information, and confirm that the sterilization process indicator has changed color.
  5. Place it in a dry, dark and clean place for later use.
  6. When needed, tear open the sterilization bag and remove the medical equipment and items inside to use. At this time, the instruments and items are sterile.


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