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International Labor Day (International Workers’ Day; International Labor Day; May Day) is a national holiday in more than 80 countries in the world and a holiday for working people around the world to unite and fight. It is held on May 1st (in some countries For other times, such as the United States, Canada). ​

✊ May 1 International Labor Day is the result of the struggle of the working class. As capitalism entered the monopoly stage, workers were forced to perform a large amount of labor every day. In order to safeguard their rights, the workers decided to fight. ​

💪 In 1886, 350,000 workers in Chicago and other cities in the United States held general strikes and demonstrations, demanding the implementation of an eight-hour work system and improvement of working conditions. The U.S. authorities, under pressure from international public opinion and society, announced the implementation of an eight-hour work system.

👊 To commemorate this struggle, in July 1889, the Second International’s Congress in Paris established May 1 as International Labor Day. ​

✍ The May Day International Labor Day is of great significance. Workers have fought for their legitimate rights and interests through struggle and used a tenacious, heroic and unyielding spirit of struggle. This is a historic progress in human civilization and democracy. ​

❤ To celebrate the International Labor Day, the Communist Party of China and the government commend workers who have made outstanding contributions and hold rallies or cultural and sports activities.

💌 Internationally, some countries will hold demonstrations on May Day, while others have unique folk activities.

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