1.Clean and dry the medical instruments or items that need to be sterilized and put them into sterilization bags.
2.Peel off the medical self-adhesive tape on the opening tongue to close the bag mouth (self-sealing sterilization bag).
3.Remove the release paper at the tangent line, seal the bag along the tangent line, and mark the sterilization time, content, purpose and other relevant information.
4.Place the sterilization bag and the medical instruments inside it in pressure STEAM steam sterilization equipment or EO ethylene oxide sterilization equipment, and sterilize according to conventional methods.
5.Confirm that the sterilization process indicator has changed color.
6.Keep it in a dry and clean place away from light for later use.
7.When needed, tear open the sterilization bag, take out the medical equipment and items inside, and you can use it. The instruments and items are sterile at this time.


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